Advantages of Link Exchange Detailed 2017

Link exchanges have the advantage of bringing in a highly targeted visitors and of increasing the "link popularity" of a site with search engines.
There are billions of websites in the world wide web. Search engines make life easy for us by showing relevant websites when we search for a particular subject or keyword.
Have you ever wondered how the search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing produce the results within a fraction of a second? Search engines crawl websites and index the contents of web pages. When someone is searching for information using a keyword, the search engines look for the keyword in their indexed pages and show them in order of relevancy to the searched keyword/s.

There are many websites with contents relevant to the keyword/s. So, how does the search engine make the order of presentation? After finding web pages with relevant information, the search engine look for other aspects to determine the order.
While there are aspects like presentation, design etc., popularity of the webpage is an important criteria in determining the order or rank as it is called. Some people confuse search engine ranking with Google Page Rank. The two are different and nowadays Google itself does not give much weight to the Google PR of a site.
Popularity of a site is achieved by getting traffic via links from other sites. Therefore it would be evident that traffic will increase if there are links from as many sites as possible.
Knowing this, some years ago, campaigns started to add links in as many sites as possible. Links were added to as many sites as possible whether there was any relevancy to the subject matter of the site or not. ['Link building services' still do this in spite of Search engines becoming more critical. Website owners are duped into believing that their site's rank will improve to the maximum. Nowadays the results may be contrary.]
Search engines approve links in relevant sites. Therefore, webmasters should look for other sites with a relevant subject matter and start exchanging links. The idea is that if a visitor, searching with a keyword, who land in one site, can look for further information on the same subject from another site via a link in the landing site. This is a healthy practice and makes it easy for search engines. Thus, sites having relevant links are search engine friendly.
Link popularity is having links from as many relevant sites as possible. Categorizing websites makes it easy to find relevant websites.

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